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my suicidal tendencies

11 Jul

If you have ever tried to commit suicide or have thought about it, let me congratulate you for two reasons. Firstly, you have been to a state of mind where failure has overpowered you and you felt emphatically helpless. Secondly, since you are reading this, you have increased the readership of my article by one. Former reasons needs commendations as you are among those, who are a league ahead of lesser mortals, for getting a chance to feel the higher facet of cruel life. The later one is for satisfaction of my personal ego.

A higher intellectual level, a grand success in life, extreme addiction to an ideology and similar traits are few paraphernalia which makes one eligible to do the thing such as suicide. Kurt Cobain tried twice to get a success. Many IITians do it every year with good success rate. And Adolf Hilter did it after he became the greatest dictator in human history. Really success brings a lot of responsibility and idiocies as well.

I don’t believe that counseling and self-help groups can help people with low self-esteem to gain confidence. Once the environment changes, the effect it has also vanishes with time. So, something intrinsic has to be changed to change such state of mind. And the solution of this problem lies in the problem itself.

One needs to look beyond the current scenario of failure or in competency. One has to see the positive aspects of life. One should look for the silver linings of the cloud. And blah blah blah. Do you thing a person who has decided to commit suicide looks for these ‘gyaan’ and listens to someone friendly. It is an overtly optimistic expectation from a severely pessimist individual, who has lost the clear picture of world.

I remember reading Paulo Coelho, in Veronica decides to die. Let me put it in a nut-shell. The greatest prime-mover of human life is fear. The fastest man on earth is always the one who has a dog behind. So, if you see someone having suicidal tendencies, make him/her fear from death in piecemeal manner. Surely, I believe you will get a great success. Otherwise I may loose a chance to congratulate someone again.


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11 Jul

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