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Feelings of a beauty

16 Feb

At times u feel bad about things and at time u feel good.  Last weekend was an opportunity for me to visit Taj Mahal once again. And this time i was alone among a group of thirty hellites. Just before the much hyped valentines day. What an occasion , what a place and what a feeling !!

Somewhere i have read that God loves beauty. The beautiful rain in the morning with sweet chill made me happy again and i felt connected and blessed.

But is there some difference in the very definition of beauty in our eyes and in that of God’s??

Perhaps God has created a beautiful picture of this world which is not so beautiful for me or may be i have to play the role of a dull and dark colour which does not attract any attention to the beholder.

I wish if i could accept myself as a marginalized and unsparkling speck. I wish i could see that larger frame of colours and not just my dull existance.

But Taj Mahal told me a story of loneliness. A beautiful and majestic monument associated with eternal love but itself a loner. It witnesses thousands of hearts beating for their partners and taking vows for life. What a mute spectator and misery!

O great Taj!  Perhaps I can really feel how you feel.



16 Feb


lagta  hai   ab       na  hogi  subah    shaam       ke baad,
akhir    hua       yaqeen      toote        armaan     ke baad
lekin mera     janaaza     abhi       na     uthao tum
baqi padi    is      raat     ko     jee          lene do mujhe