as Mir taqui Mir says

“what matters it O Breez
When thou hast come
When i have lost it both
The Garden n my Nest”

We all believe in Good-All thing i.e. ‘If we do good things , good things will happen to you’. Unfortunately or rather fortunately, i don’t believe much in this. Its just like saying, if you follow all traffic rules, you don’t speed , you wont have an accident on road.

I believe life is full of randomness and chaos, just like a road. If u wanna survive and succeed, learn maneuvering like an expert driver. Cause most of the times, its not your fault when u hit on road. Moreover , don’t drink n drive.

Dhoondte dhoondhte aakhir yahan aa hi gae
ab na rukte hi bane hai , aur na chalte hi bane


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